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Jazva - One Software to Power Your Ecommerce Business

We are in a middle of a retail revolution. Consumers’ expectations are at an all time high. Commerce is changing. How retailers sell to customers has changed; and so has the way suppliers sell to retailers.

Merchants who want to win need the tools and insights to compete effectively.

At Jazva, we believe in empowering online retailers with unprecedented capabilities to drive more business while reducing the complexity to achieve growth. With our powerful enterprise level software, mid-size retailers and wholesalers can now compete with larger corporations and their big budgets.

Jazva offers one platform to power your entire ecommerce business. Having all your processes and data in one place provides enormous operational stability, efficiency, and a trove of data that enable decisions and strategies to be made quickly so you can do more of the things that makes you money and not those that don’t. You can make smarter business decisions for your bottom line. We built a platform that scales with your business.

Ryan Elich

Ryan Elich

Ryan Elich is the director of sales at Jazva, a unified multi-channel e-commerce solution that manages orders, listings, inventory and shipping, all through one platform. Ryan has been in the e-commerce industry for over 6 years, and his passion is selling baby potty training products online. Outside of work, he enjoys time with family, fantasy sports and Disneyland.