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How Jazva Helps Customers Succeed and Avoid Common Pitfalls!

Today we thought we would give you a little peek behind the curtain about how Jazva works with customers to ensure their success. We learn a lot from working with our customers, and we use those insights to decide the new features we add to our platform, all in the name of helping your company perform better.


The customer success journey starts on Day 1

Our customers are generally large enterprise customers, in terms of both inventory and revenue. Because of this, every customer is given a dedicated Jazva launch specialist when they join. Your launch specialist walks you through all the steps of migrating your business to our platform, from day one all the way to your re-launch on Jazva.

Until quite recently, most of your interactions with your Jazva launch specialist would take place over the phone. These days, we’re using video conferencing with Zoom Meetings. Because when we can see each other and share screens, we’re able to solve problems a lot faster.

Using video, we also tend to gain lots of insights we would otherwise miss out on––all the little things our platform could change in order to be more useful to your company. And all those insights? They end up going straight to our development team to decide the features and automations we’ll add to our site next.

You’ll spend a fair amount of time with your launch specialist, and by the end of the process, you’ll know everything you need to know to grow your business with Jazva. And we’ll have a much better understanding of your business’s needs. It’s the basis of our growing partnership.


Why the Jazva launch specialist is such an important part of customer success

Our launch specialists are focused on your business’s particular needs. They try to predict what your business’s most likely growing pains will be, and then ensure they don’t end up being problems in the first place.

Let us tell you some of what they do to help you hit the ground running from day one.

Onboarding can be complicated for clients with large inventories, sprawling warehouses all over the country, and customers ordering products from all over the world. We know it’s not OK to interrupt your service (time actuallyis money when you’re working at the scale you’re working at). And that’s why we have built simple templates for importing your old data. And it’s why we have developed a foolproof process, driven by your Jazva launch specialist, for easily and accurately migrating your products, your kits and bundles, and your extensive multi-channel customizations right over to Jazva.

This means on day one, you start where you left off. But now, you have tons of live reporting tools, inventory and warehouse management at enterprise scale, and automated operations on your side. Your business will be empowered like never before. Let the growth begin!


Ensuring the successful re-launching your business on Jazva

There’s plenty to do when you’re migrating a large ecommerce business, but we’ve got the whole process mapped into simple steps.

We import all your data, as we said, using custom designed templates. Then you go through the simple process of setting up your warehouses in our warehouse management solution. And while you’re doing this, your launch specialist will be re-linking your bundles and your kits across your sales channel. They’ll also do some quality assurance to make sure everything has been uploaded to Jazva and to your sales channels correctly, and are displaying correctly on your dashboards.

Once your channels have been fully migrated over, and you’re comfortable using our system, we’ll re-launch your stores on our platform.  


Jazva continues a close relationship with our customers even after launch

Even after your Jazva launch, we’ll continue to help train you on the product as part of our Customer Success program.

We teach you the ins and outs of the inventory management, processing, and shipping tools. We’ll show you how to add to and manage your vendor list, and how to setup automatic reordering.

During this time, we’ll also do a final double check on your existing inventory numbers, and after we do that, we’ll initiate our automated inventory tracking system—which will, from then on out, give you a live view into your inventory at all times.

After you’ve been thoroughly trained on the how to use every aspect of Jazva’s services, we’ll schedule a final meeting between you and your launch specialist. Here, you’ll have a chance to sign-off on the work we’ve done together.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel you know everything there is to know about Jazva just yet. At this point, we’ll gather feedback on what you’d like to know more about, and schedule future training sessions together.


We even work to solve your day-to-day issues, and are always available to answer questions

Even after you launch, we’ll never leave you hanging. That’s not what friends do, right? We’ve made it super simple to contact the Jazva Help Desk directly through your Jazva dashboard. We’ve also built an exhaustive knowledge base for our customers, which is composed of answers to essentially all the questions customers have ever asked us.

We’re currently working on implementing a system within our chat-based help desk to make it easy for you to ask a question, and then immediately be given the correct answer from our knowledge base.

As it stands, our knowledge base is extremely helpful and thorough, and the search function is quite useful. For almost any problem you’re likely to run into, you can quickly find a detailed and easy-to-follow solution there.

If you can’t find your answer in the knowledge base, then our Help Desk will help you solve your problem. And once they’ve done so, that problem and its solution get documented in our knowledge base, so that no other customer ever needs to have the same problem again.


What makes Jazva different?

We place a high premium on partnership here at Jazva. The better we understand your business’s needs and, better yet, its wants, the better our chance of helping your business grow, and making you a happy customer.

Our Customer Success team plays a vital role in solving customer issues AND in making sure that Jazva, as a company, always keeps the needs of our customers front and center. They are our “boots on the ground.”

There’s a particular recent new customer that comes to mind. They’re a large ecommerce operation that will now run three different businesses through a single Jazva account. They had been using a solution called Stone Edge up until recently, but felt they’d finally grown as big as they could with them.

In order to continue to scale up, this company felt they needed Jazva’s unique combination of scale and customization.

Our Customer Success team was integral in showing them how Jazva could meet their particular needs: how we could streamline their complicated inventory and reporting, and how we could automate large parts of their business model.

By the end of the process, they were beyond optimistic about the future. They had a concrete plan for how they would grow their business, and exactly how we here at Jazva were going to help them grow.

They said something in one of our pre-launch meetings together that really captured the essence of what we do here.

They said: “We are excited, and would like Jazva to be our #1 supporter.”

And that’s really the role we fill for all of our clients. We’re your number one supporter. Our business is to grow your business, and we’re ready to get started.


Ryan Elich

Ryan Elich

Ryan Elich is the director of sales at Jazva, a unified multi-channel e-commerce solution that manages orders, listings, inventory and shipping, all through one platform. Ryan has been in the e-commerce industry for over 6 years, and his passion is selling baby potty training products online. Outside of work, he enjoys time with family, fantasy sports and Disneyland.