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How Sellers Trick Amazon to Boost Sales

boost sales

In this dedicated Amazon series of articles, we have been discussing various strategies, practical and effective methods of managing your products, your listings and the overall ranking of your brand. It’s crucial to create an environment that facilitates customer interaction and encourages people to trust you and buy your products.

This article will present some of the most efficient Amazon growth hacks on how to boost your sales, regardless if you are a veteran or a newcomer to the world of eCommerce. There’s always room for improvement, right?

Every selling platform can be “tricked” or better said manipulated into recognizing your brand as a top one, and with some small adjustments, the result will translate into more sales and more revenue for the seller. Let’s be clear, we are talking about Amazon tricks, not scams!

Let’s look into the most popular Amazon hacks 2019:

1. Amazon Traffic Trick – Buy Box

The Buy Box is a tremendous opportunity for increasing your sales. Amazon chooses sellers that sell the same products and, as a result, the seller’s name appears on the top right corner of the product page. This is by far, one of the most popular Amazon growth hacks.

boost amazon sales

The criteria for eligibility includes the price, availability, shipping options and the overall seller rating.

  • Price - although the price can be the same as the other sellers’, the shipping cost is taken into consideration as well. Research the prices of your competitors and create your pricing lower than theirs. Even a one cent drop in the overall price gets you closer to winning the Buy Box.
  • Shipping - it’s highly recommended you use Fulfilled by Amazon program. They focus a lot on fast delivery, so this is the best way to go. Amazon also keeps track of your stock (preferably you shouldn’t have out of stock items), your Order Defect Rate (ODR) and your Perfect Order Percentage (POP). ODR is the number of orders returned, canceled, faultily shipped or the ones that got negative feedback. POP is the opposite of ODR, meaning the number of orders that were processed and shipped in a proper manner, without any customer complaints.
  • Your rating should be at least 90%.
  • Make sure your items have the same ASIN number as the listing you want to be featured on.

2. ASIN Piggybacking

Before going into the details of this Amazon growth hack, let’s see clarify the terminology.
ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number.
ASIN piggybacking = efficient Amazon trick represented by a method of finding a hot selling item and underselling it for less.
Your next question is probably related to the legality of this process. Yes, this method is legal and Amazon doesn’t have anything against it, as long as you don’t sell knockoffs and pass them for genuine products using the wrong ASIN number. Be careful there.

Now let’s see how to legitly piggyback as part of the Amazon hacks 2019:

  • Find a popular product;
  • Do some math - calculate your overall expenses, including wholesale prices and shipping charges;
  • Find out what the Buy Box price for that item is. If the cost of you reselling the item is less than the Buy Box price, you have a good profitability chance;
  • Contact the manufacturer and discuss options of you reselling the item - make sure you are using the exact same manufacturing code, SKU and brand name.

3. Off-Platform Advertising

Undoubtedly, you should promote your products and the good news is that you can go for ways to do that outside of Amazon as well. Before taking a decision, analyze the most popular methods and see which one fits your needs. This Amazon trick is widely used and useful!

  • Influencers - approach influencers on social media or YouTube and talk to them about promoting your products. People tend to trust this type of source more than a regular ad. You can try a website like Famebit to find influencers. You can offer them free products or discounts in return;
  • Coupons - if you have a big subscriber list on YouTube or social media, you can easily use the coupons to promote your products, everyone loves discounts;
  • Crowdfunding - post your projects on crowdfunding websites or use tools like Amazon Launchpad;
  • Direct email marketing - sending specific emails to a particular targeted group is a great idea as they are most likely interested in your products. You can use tools such as AMZDiscover;
  • Deals websites - using deals sites such as Slickdeals help you get more organic traffic;
  • Social ads - use social media services to push more traffic to your product listings.

4. Automated Repricing

If you use a pricing strategy to qualify for the Buy Box, be sure others do the same to stay ahead of the game. That’s why it’s really important to use an automated repricing tool which helps you have higher ranking positions on the offer listings pages without too much effort from your side.

Popular automated repricing tools:

  • Repricer Express - 15 days free trial, available in multiple countries, price starts at £39/month;
  • Sellery - 15 days free trial, price starts at $100/month;
  • App Eagle - 14 days free trial, gives you the chance to dominate your niche, competitive price intelligence, price starts at $100/month;
  • Xsellco - 14 days free trial, pricing starts at €75/month;
  • Seller Snap - 15 days free trial, price starts at $500/month.

There you go, we’ve tackled some really efficient Amazon hacks to boost your sales by using well-established practices amongst sellers. Don’t be afraid to try them out and see what goes better for your store. It all depends on what type of strategy you want to focus on - marketing, traffic or pricing and getting the benefits of the Buy Box. It’s safe to say that a combination of these would bring you more success, but you need to put it the effort to generate the results. Be bold and try out some of the Amazon hacks 2019!

Stay tuned for our next and final article from the Amazon dedicated series of blog posts!

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