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Win More Customers Using eBay Parts Compatibility

As eBay’s largest category, eBay Motors features a wide selection of parts and accessories for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. Online sales are booming and expected to grow by 12-16% over the next four years. But with the market becoming more crowded due to the low barrier of entry, auto parts retailers will need to list smarter to beat the competition.

Using parts compatibility is one of the best ways auto parts retailers can improve sales on eBay. Parts compatibility makes it easy for eBay sellers to list parts and accessories that fit a variety of vehicles. It saves you time and money and also helps buyers find your products.

List The Product Once... Save Time and Money

Sell faster and smarter by listing only once and save on insertion fees. With Parts Compatibility, you can create one Auction-style or Fixed Price listing on eBay, then add a full list of compatible vehicles at no extra cost. You won’t have to list the product multiple times!

Write More Focused Titles and Better Descriptions

When you list your product with parts compatibility, your listing will be linked to compatible vehicles from the eBay Motors catalog. Since standard compatibility information will be added to your listings, you can use the entire 80-character title for other popular search terms such as brand or location on the vehicle to market your listings better.

Fitment Data More Important Than Keyword Optimization

With eBay modifying their Best Match algorithm, compatibility and fitment data are now far more significant than basic keyword optimization. Best Match uses compatibility information, titles, as well as product identifiers like brand and manufacturer part number to determine relevance.

Parts compatibility puts your listings in front of buyers actively looking for parts that fit their specific make and model. Compatibility information not only improves searchability, but it also leads to a better listing performance score, faster sales and fewer questions from buyers.

Why High Volume Motors Sellers Can't Forgo Automation

Parts compatibility can save you time and money by reducing the number of listings you’ll have to create and manage. But for high volume auto parts retailers, developing compatibility tables for thousands of SKUs still takes a lot of time. You need a product management solution that supports fitment and parts compatibility data.

With intelligent automation software like Jazva’s all-in-one ecommerce management solution, creating and managing Motors listings is a cinch. Jazva has a number of time-saving features that lets you to set up parts compatibility quickly and efficiently through bulk listing and editing tools. Fitment data can easily be imported and exported, and fitment profiles and model information can be saved for future use.

Jazva not only takes into account Year, Make, and Model, but also Trim, Submodel and Engine compatibility. This standard information can be saved and stored as categories in Jazva so you can reuse them multiple times for other products.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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