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How Can Retailers Boost Sales? Here Are 5 Ways

The demands of today’s shoppers are changing the ecommerce game. Consumers are no longer loyal to specific brands, and larger, traditional retailers are losing business to smaller online retailers. Empowered shoppers have created new opportunities for retailers who stay ahead of customer expectations and take action to meet these needs regardless of their size.

Jazva Retailers Boost Sales1. Offer Unique Products

According to a study by UPS, consumers are choosing smaller retailers over larger ones if they offered unique and interesting products. In fact, many shoppers are willing to accept more costly shipping, longer delivery times, and even higher prices if the retailers had the item that they want. Having multiple variations of products is key to winning these customers.

In order to compete with larger brands, you need to provide your customers with product variations and soft options, allowing them to customize the order to their liking. This means having a system that can handle thousands of SKUs across different channels, without resulting in errors and mis-shipped orders.

2. Establish Customer Trust

Product knowledge is crucial for today’s tech-savvy consumer. Shoppers expect detailed product information, including clear, hi-res pictures and product reviews. Customer testimonials can make or break a sale.

Shoppers want to know the true value of the product and want to make sure that they are making smart purchase decisions. Product information, upfront shipping fees, mobile store experience and reviews all contribute to the shopper’s confidence in your brand.

3. Offer Shipping Conveniences

Convenience is rated only second to price as the main driver when making a purchase. Shoppers want fast and free delivery, and retailers need the cost-effective logistical infrastructure to meet these expectations. Providing shipping conveniences involves intelligent inventory and warehouse management, in addition to optimizing fulfillment and daily operations.

4. Send Email Promotions

The UPS study found that email promotions are quite effective, especially when shoppers are always connected to the Internet from their mobile devices. Free shipping and discount offers have prompted consumers to shop at retailers after getting their promotion emails.

5. Provide a Great Returns Experience

Majority of shoppers review return policies before making online purchases. More importantly, they want to know if it’s free to return products as half of shoppers are turned off by return shipping fees.

Handling returns can be cumbersome without effective inventory management. You need a solution that can track and process returns efficiently across all your distribution centers and channels.


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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

Albert Ong is the marketing manager at Jazva, a cloud-based multi-channel ecommerce solution that helps merchants fast track their online business. Jazva delivers a suite of enterprise functionalities that high volume B2B and B2C retailers need to compete and succeed in the market.

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