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Walmart Marketplace, Amazon Vendor Central & an Improved Jazva Experience

Jazva launched several important product updates this month that will increase your sales reach and boost your operational efficiency. We added two key integrations - Walmart Marketplace and Amazon Vendor Central. We also improved a few important functions including product admin, CRM, shipping and order processing.

New Channel Integrations

Walmart Marketplace Integration: Sellers can start managing their listings, orders, fulfillment and inventory across Walmart Marketplace. Product categories can be mapped accurately to Walmart's categories, and products can easily be created, updated or delisted from Jazva. The feature is currently in beta.

Amazon Vendor Central Integration: Amazon vendors can now connect their Vendor Central account in Jazva through our latest EDI integration. This feature allows you to manage orders, order acknowledgements, invoices and advance shipping notices, all within Jazva.

Jazva Functionalities & UX Improvements

Order and CRM Conversations: Jazva’s built-in Conversations tool helps retailers efficiently manage all communications related to orders, vendors and leads by grouping emails, notes and comments around a specific order, account or opportunity. This feature not only adds convenience, but also saves time and minimizes errors. Once a message is posted, it will appear in the Conversations Inbox. Users can easily respond to emails, set up notifications, and follow conversation threads - without having to leave the Jazva platform.

Product UX Revamp: As part of our ongoing UX improvements, the product admin pages have been redesigned for a cleaner, streamlined look. Publishing also just got easier with the new Sold At section. Simply add a new channel from the dropdown list, and the item will be published on that channel. Product setup options have all been consolidated under one Setup tab. These options include Categories, Descriptions, Bullet Points, Attributes, Soft Options, SEO and Relationship Groups.

New Product Importing Options: When importing products, you can now indicate their product categories by using the category code or Jazva category ID in your Excel file. When you include either of these mappings in your product import spreadsheet, you won't have to include the full category path of the product. This saves you time and minimizes errors.

Integrated Shipping & Fulfillment Enhancements

DHL & UPS Mail Innovations Rates Import: Jazva now supports the importing of hardcoded shipping rates for mail classes that do not provide live rates online. These include DHL and UPS Mail Innovations. Manual shipping rates can now be imported when setting up your mail classes.

More Custom Options for Shipping Rules: Jazva now supports even more options when defining shipping prices applied to new web orders. All properties of the items in the order can be evaluated. For instance, you can set up a business rule, such that if an item from an order belongs to a certain category, or if stock levels of an order item is below a certain number, then charge for shipping based on a custom pricing rule.

New Batch Print Options: You can now further customize your order picking batches by using filters for category and weight. This allows you to process shipments containing specific items separately from the rest of your shipments. In addition, batch profiles can be saved for future use.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

Albert Ong is the marketing manager at Jazva, an all-in-one ecommerce platform for multi-channel sellers. When not leading content strategy, Albert spends his time listening to audiobooks, writing science fiction, and binge-watching Netflix.