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UPS Delivery Costs, Shopify New Features, and Subscribe with Amazon

As shopping slides further into digital commerce, online selling has become more challenging. Fulfillment and delivery costs continue to rise as customer expectations drive higher volumes at faster rates. Sellers today will also need to be armed with sufficient technological capabilities to keep up.

UPS Renegotiates Terms on Retailer Delivery Costs

UPS, the world's largest delivery company, is asking major retailers to help offset labor and surplus space expenses when retailers fail to ship as many packages as planned during peak periods. The new charges will also apply when retailers don't ship the right size of packages they said they would.     via the Wall Street Journal

Shopify Introduces Wholesale Channel and Launchpad

Shopify recently rolled out two major features that expand seller capabilities. The Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel will enable sellers to create a separate password-protected storefront that offers specific discounts for B2B customers. On the other hand, the Launchpad platform will enable sellers to manage flash sales, new campaigns and events.     via Shopify

Amazon Launches Marketplace for Subscription Providers

"Subscribe with Amazon" is a new self-service subscriptions marketplace where digital subscription providers can reach millions of shoppers. Digital subscription providers will be able to leverage Amazon's product search and recommendation tools, as well as the ability to offer customers flexible pricing.     via Amazon PR

More Than 55% of Consumers Visit Stores Before Buying Online

According to Retail Dive’s Consumer Survey, more than half of shoppers visit a store to see, touch and feel products before ordering them online. Seamless omnichannel experiences are critical differentiators in the today’s buyer journey, which is why many brick-and-mortar stores are turning physical retail space into showrooms.     via Retail Dive

67% of Shoppers Buy Beauty Products from 4 or More Sites

While the beauty and personal care market continues to grow, a new study found that consumers are not particularly loyal to a single brand. According to the study, U.S. consumers purchase beauty and personal care products from 4 or more websites. Some shoppers even said they buy from 15 - 20 sites.     via Fierce Retail

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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