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Meet Our Sr. Software Engineer, Jose

As a company, Jazva’s mission is to help online sellers grow their business. We do so by creating powerful technology that streamlines and simplifies multi-channel ecommerce. But building the next-generation ecommerce platform takes a lot of work and skill (sweat and tears included)!

Fortunately, we have a great team of developers who know their stuff, care about online sellers, and love solving tough problems. I had the privilege of interviewing and introducing to you our senior software engineer, Jose Hernandez.

Jose has been at Jazva for the past two years. He generally handles front-end development and custom web stores for our clients. He also developed Jazva’s iOS app, which enables users to scan and manage inventory.

Jose HernandezJose has been coding for more than 8 years. One of his first web development projects involved developing a website for a small family business. After he finished college, he worked for a tech startup that focused on collaborative consumption, open government and citizenship participation.

Jazva’s fast-paced environment, along with the fun, friendly people, drew him in. He was also intrigued by all the geeky toys in the office. He enjoys working at a startup because it gave him opportunities to learn something new.

Typical Workday at Jazva

As a morning person, Jose gets up early and walks, bikes or takes the bus to work depending on the weather. At the office, he checks his email and Slack messages in the morning, and organizes his day based on the current assignments - while having a nice cup of coffee or tea.

He then tries to get the max done before going back home. He usually takes a longer break for lunch around noon, and has one or two walks around the block to clear his mind.

Jose’s Favorite Activities

Jose moved to the US about two years ago. He’s fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, Java, PHP, Swift and Javascript! He likes to spend the weekends traveling around, visiting many places in the country, and enjoys the national parks.

He really loves the outdoors, and he spends his free time cycling, hiking, running and camping in the mountains. He loves food in general - cooking and eating. His favorite place to eat in Pasadena is Dog Haus.

He also likes reading books and photography - he spends a lot of time taking pictures, organizing and editing them.

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Jose loves to travel and spend his vacation days going somewhere new. Before moving to the US, he would take long trips to an exotic destination in summer, and 2-3 small trips around Europe for the rest of the year. Nowadays, he still loves to travel but instead of going to some exotic country, he likes to go back to Spain and visit family and friends.

Best Memories at Jazva?

“A couple of months after I started working at Jazva, I had a pretty awesome surprise birthday party. It was very special and it really cheered me up because I was a little homesick and didn’t have family and friends around on my birthday.”


Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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