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ShopTalk 2017: eBay’s 3-Day Guaranteed Delivery and Walmart’s New Startup

The biggest news and trends in retail came from the ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas this week. Instant fulfillment is becoming the norm, as eBay joins the uphill battle in satisfying customer expectations. Personalization and artificial intelligence continue to be the top trends shaping ecommerce today.

Shoptalk 2017 Highlights: Top News & Trends

eBay Takes on Amazon Prime and Walmart with Guaranteed Delivery

This summer, eBay is launching a new delivery program which promises fast, free delivery for millions of items -- 20 million items will be eligible for guaranteed delivery in 3 days or less. Participating sellers must meet certain requirements and performance standards, such as track record offering and following through on expedited delivery. If packages arrive late, sellers may have to pay for refunds or return fees.    via eBay Seller News

eBay Overhauls Its Homepage to Provide Netflix-like Personalizations

Personalization through artificial intelligence and big data is a growing trend, and eBay is aiming for a Netflix-like level of personalization to convert shoppers. Each customer will see a personalized eBay homepage based on their search and purchase history. The rollout of this redesign should reach all customers before mid-year.    via Recode

Voice-based Shopping Ramps Up with Google Home and Alexa Prime Now Upgrades

Google is making it easier for Google Home users to shop via voice. Among other features being rolled out, Google Home users will be able to order multiple items from a single transaction, a feature Amazon recently added to Alexa.

Stephenie Landry, Vice President of Amazon Prime Now, pointed out that instant fulfilment, such as two-hour delivery could become the norm for future ecommerce. Alexa users will soon be able to order thousands of items from Amazon Prime Now, with the promise of 2-hour same day delivery.    via Digital Commerce 360

ShopTalk Amazon

Walmart launches “Store No. 8” Startup Incubator in Silicon Valley

At ShopTalk, Walmart’s chief of ecommerce Marc Lore announced it will launch a technology startup incubator in Silicon Valley to help develop new technologies that will reshape the retail experience. Dubbed Store No. 8, the company will incubate, invest and work with other startups and academics to develop Walmart’s proprietary technologies, particularly in the fields of robotics, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence.    via Inc.

Retail By The Numbers

62% of Consumers Want More Integration Between In-Store and Mobile

Consumers are expecting deeper in-store technological capabilities and more personalized integrations between brick-and-mortar shopping and their mobile devices. According to the survey, as much as 62% said they would like to have access to products and sizes available in-store without having to talk to a salesperson, and 55% said they want to virtually view how home furnishings and how accessories fit in a home before they make a purchase.    via Retail Dive

60% of Shoppers Have Never Tried Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS)

BOPIS is still a largely untapped potential for retailers, and a great incentive to get shoppers into stores. According to a recent study, nearly 60% of shoppers have never used BOPIS services, largely because it requires such a strong online and brick-and-mortar presence on the part of the retailer.    via Fierce Retail

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