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Easy Product Management with Basket Actions

It is no longer enough to sell a few products on one or two sales channels. Today’s customers crave product diversity and want very specific products, and with the ease of online shopping, consumers often hop from one marketplace to the next, seeking the best deals on the right products.

Sellers now have the burden of managing product content across different sites, tasks that are repetitive and prone to error. Fortunately, Jazva’s powerful basket actions make product management fast, easy and simple, giving retailers the efficiency and tools to broaden their product assortment.

How Basket Actions Help High Volume Sellers

Basket actions in Jazva is an efficient and powerful tool used to manage products and listings across multiple sales channels. You can modify thousands of items all at once, such as adjust categories, edit pricing, enable drop shipping, activate or deactivate seasonal merchandise, and even schedule changes in the future - all within a few clicks.

Products in the basket can also be exported to Excel, modified, and imported back into Jazva. This tool is very useful for high volume sellers, as you won’t have to manually edit every single SKU. Intelligent automation reduces errors and ensures you do not miss any listings when updating your channels.

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Robust Product Search Features

As your product database grows, you’ll need robust search capabilities to stay on top of your items and inventory. Jazva has a highly customizable product search functionality to help you better find and manage products faster.

You can choose from a wide range of filters to narrow down your results. Some filters include: vendor, SKU, vendor ID, category, channels sold at or published to, and item inventory count. Advanced search gives you even more filters for more granularity - ideal for sellers with thousands of SKUs.

Once you’ve found products that match your criteria, you can make mass modifications on those products by adding all of them to your basket.

Multiple Ways to Modify Your Basket

Modifying products in your basket allows you to make bulk changes, such as publish them to channels, adjust categories, change drop shipping status, change vendors or delete them. You can even change bullet points or adjust pricing, such as mark up prices in bulk. Finally, you can schedule these changes at a future date if needed.

These actions can be performed on the same basket over and over again.

Efficiently Managing Your Multi-Channel Business

Selling on multiple channels doesn’t have to be cumbersome. By using intelligent automation, you can work smarter, not harder, and achieve greater sales and efficiency.

Jazva’s efficient and convenient product management tools gives retailers the confidence and capacity to broaden their product lines, add more variations and sell products from new vendors.

"Jazva saved us an estimated $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment." - Function & Form Autolife

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