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August Updates: Listing & Order Processing Enhancements

This month, we've enhanced a number of order import and management functionalities in the system, giving you more flexibility to handle orders from a single interface. We've also developed support for additional Walmart categories and 3PL companies.

Modify Line Items on Additional Sales Channels

We have expanded our support of modifying order line items to additional marketplaces and shopping carts. In this update, you will be able to add, remove and modify line items for all channels except Amazon and Jet. Jazva will automatically recalculate the order and the freight charge if applicable. You will be able to collect additional payment, refund over-payment, and write off or adjust any difference in the financials compared to what was paid.

Enhanced Order Import

When importing orders, you can now map specific warehouses to allocate or deduct inventory from. The new import will work for both shipped and unshipped orders. To map a warehouse during order import, simply add a "Warehouse" column in your import file, and use a facility name or code.

Additional Walmart Variations Support

Like Amazon, each category on Walmart requires special conditions before you could list variations automatically. This update lets you publish variations for the Carriers & Accessories and Sport & Recreation categories on Walmart Marketplace. To learn more about supported Walmart categories, please visit Publishing Variations on Walmart.

Amazon Restock Date Setting

Jazva now supports the pushing of restock dates to Amazon. If an out-of-stock item is on-order from a vendor and there is a purchase order with an ETA, Jazva will push the ETA to Amazon, notifying them of when your products will be back in stock.

3PL Billing Profiles & Fulfillment Rate Plans

As part of our ongoing support for third-party logistics, 3PL users can now create billing profiles for their customers in Jazva. A billing plan or fulfillment rate setup can be copied from one customer to another.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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