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Power Listing Management with Categories

As retailers sell on more sales channels and offer a wider assortment of products, listings become extremely difficult to manage. Product content, pricing and channel-specific settings all need to be accounted for when listing on marketplaces or your own website. Fortunately, Jazva's powerful categorization tool offers a solution for managing products and listings more efficiently.

What Are Product Categories and Subcategories?

In a retail context, a category is a classification unit that allows businesses to group or arrange products based on particular shared characteristics, often as a marketing strategy to satisfy customer needs. Categories follow a parent-child structure, such as Tools > Home & Garden > Cutters. Subcategories can be nested under parent categories for more granularity.

Each marketplace, be it Amazon, eBay or Walmart, defines its own category tree. If you’re a seller trying to list or update products across these channels, doing so manually is tedious and time-consuming. Category management is a systematic approach to automating many aspects of the listing process, from publishing products in bulk to updating product content.

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Categories can also be used on your website, such as to organize the navigation and present your products in the most intelligent and user-friendly way. It makes it easier for shoppers to find similar and related products. It also makes it easier to find and update products on the backend, across all your channels.

Channel-Specific Categories & Category Mappings in Jazva

Categories in Jazva are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust their channel-specific settings and set specific rules and requirements. You can create categories manually in Jazva or import them from your product listings. For instance, Amazon and eBay have their own category trees. When you import products from these marketplaces, you automatically save the category structure into your Jazva category database.

Multiple category trees can be created in Jazva, independent of each other. Attributes and functions assigned to a category will automatically apply to all nested subcategories, which makes publishing and updating information faster.

Most marketplaces have very specific requirements when listing products. For instance, Walmart Marketplace and Amazon require particular data for different product types, and you’ll need to provide this data in specific file formats. The format for the Shoes category will be different from the Luggage category.

In Jazva, you can easily create an appropriate publishing category for each product type by simply choosing a Remote ID from a drop-down menu. By mapping a Jazva category to a marketplace category, you automatically link all existing and future products assigned to the category. No need to update every single listing!

Multi-Channel Listing Made Easy

Selling on multiple channels can be arduous, but not if you have a robust listing management system. Shoppers today expect clear, detailed listings, and sellers also need to up their game when it comes to pricing. Jazva does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the growth of your business.

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Albert Ong

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