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Jazva Wins the 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

It's been an exciting month here at Jazva. Not only did we manage to launch our newly revamped website, but we've also received two prestigious awards from FinancesOnline, a leading B2B software review site that has tried and tested thousands of solutions. Their experts examined how our ecommerce software stands out in the market and awarded the Jazva platform an 8 out of 10 rating, alongside the 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards.

FinancesOnline lauded Javza as “the ultimate automation platform” for ecommerce businesses. They believe Jazva offers a “robust set of end-to-end capabilities” that can handle all the needs of any ecommerce business, including B2C and B2B retailers. Their analysis confirmed how our platform is a great fit for multi-channel sellers, as Jazva takes care of product listing across major channels, in addition to inventory, orders and shipping.

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Our multi-channel listing tool was also praised by their experts for its bulk listing and editing capabilities, robust channel integrations, ease of use, and built-in shipping solution. For these reasons, we were given the Great User Experience Award for best ecommerce software, which is only granted to solutions that are proven to be effective in facilitating the work process while offering a stellar user experience and well-designed interface.

Truth be told, however, Jazva is not yet a recognizable name in the market when compared to older ecommerce platforms. While Jazva may be the new kid on the block, the platform is designed and developed by ecommerce veterans and seasoned developers with a passion for retail technology and innovation, aspiring to become the next-generation ecommerce automation solution.

These are just a few reasons why FinancesOnline awarded Jazva the 2017 Rising Star Award. Recognized as one of the best solutions available today, the Jazva platform earns a high spot on FinancesOnline’s best eCommerce software alternatives list. This shows that Jazva truly provides value for their customers and has the potential to develop even greater, cutting-edge functionalities.

Jazva’s solution continues to help sellers reach their goals. As a solid infrastructure for multi-channel growth, Jazva not only eliminates manual work, but also saves time and money. Please visit FinancesOnline to read the full review of Jazva.

Albert Ong

Albert Ong

Albert Ong is the marketing manager at Jazva, an all-in-one ecommerce platform for multi-channel sellers. When not leading content strategy, Albert spends his time listening to audiobooks, writing science fiction, and binge-watching Netflix.