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How to Succeed in Multi-Channel Selling with Jazva’s eCommerce Solution

Selling across multiple sales channels has complicated the way retailers can effectively manage and fulfill customer orders. With more channels and marketplaces to sell on, daily operations become more complex, especially when it comes to having accurate inventory control and fast, reliable fulfillment and shipping.

At Jazva, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by online retailers. We know that multi-channel inventory management needs to work alongside fulfillment and distribution systems in order to provide consistent customer experience. The last thing you want is for a customer to not shop at your store again simply because a product wasn’t in stock.

Built for high-volume retailers and wholesalers, Jazva’s all-in-one ecommerce platform offers a unified approach that handles everything from product listing to order management, from fulfillment to shipping, as well as processing returns, refunds and exchanges.

Diversify Your Sales Channels and Reach More Customers

Multi-channel selling has become a necessity for online retailers. But without powerful automation, multi-channel selling can be time-consuming and costly. You need a solution that enables you to expand your reach and capture more market share, without disrupting your operational processes.

Jazva is fully integrated with the leading marketplaces, shopping carts and point-of-sales solutions, including:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Rakuten
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

These tight integrations allow you to create new product listings across several marketplaces, keep track of all your inventory, and streamline your distribution processes - all within a few clicks.

Automate Your Channel Listings

Why manually list your products on different platforms when you can sync your product listing across multiple channels through a single platform?

Jazva eliminates the need to manually update your channels. Whenever you make a change to a product description or price, Jazva automatically updates all of your listings. Also, if you add a new product directly onto Amazon, eBay or any other channel, Jazva will recognize that product and automatically import that product into Jazva.

Centralize Your Inventory for Total Visibility and Control

Jazva gives you total visibility and control of your inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouse locations. When you expand into new marketplaces, it’s crucial to know which products are available for sale and where they’re located at. Jazva consolidates all your orders from all your channels in one place.

Our centralized multi-channel inventory system allows you to track and manage your inventory across multiple locations, and lets you keep track of stock across different inventory stages. In Jazva, your stock quantities are automatically updated with every sale. This reduces the chance of overselling or underselling, and you can also set up low stock alerts so you’ll never have to worry about products being unavailable for sale.

By managing all your orders in one place, our platform allows you to streamline your orders for easy processing, faster fulfillment and shipping, and ultimately, happier customers. As an enterprise-level software built for high-volume retailers, we integrated flexibility to adapt to your processes and scale with your business.

Achieving Multi-Channel Success with Jazva

To succeed in multi-channel ecommerce, retailers must have the right tools to automate their daily operations. Jazva offers a comprehensive approach to support multi-channel selling. By having complete transparency over your ecommerce operations, you can effectively manage your inventory, reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

Albert Ong is the marketing manager at Jazva, an all-in-one ecommerce platform for multi-channel sellers. When not leading content strategy, Albert spends his time listening to audiobooks, writing science fiction, and binge-watching Netflix.