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Why Choose an eCommerce Platform with Built-in Accounting

Have you found that integrating multiple systems is never as seamless as they say? If you're a growing retailer, you need to start prioritizing efficiency in order to scale your business.

Why use separate softwares for inventory management and accounting, when you can get a complete integrated inventory solution that includes robust accounting and financial reporting? If you haven't already, it's time to upgrade from spreadsheets and basic softwares.

Jazva's all-in-one ecommerce management system with a built-in accounting solution tracks and manages financials from all your orders and inventory, so you can save money and see accurate financial data in real time.

Get Real-Time Inventory Valuation

Our financial management solutions sync with all your orders simultaneously, including returns and exchanges. Inventory is constantly updated on Jazva’s built-in general ledger, so you can always see the value of your inventory on your balance sheet. This allows you to track the quantities and value of your inventory on hand, giving you better control of what you buy and sell.

The general ledger is updated in real time, with a list of financial accounts that records every asset, liability, revenue and expense. Easily track which items are being sold and how much profit you’re making.

Easy Cashflow Management

Jazva allows you to manage your accounts payables and receivables within the system. By having everything in one place, you gain valuable insights on your profitability and where you can improve your operations.

Save hundreds of hours on entering data manually and passing information from one source to another. Jazva’s integrated accounting system eliminates the need to manually import and export data from multiple sales channels.

Accounting journals are created in real time. This reduces errors and inaccuracies by creating journal entries automatically whenever you invoice sales, take payments, receive and ship stock. You can also record payments and credit notes. Credit notes make it easy to handle returns as you can apply credits to existing invoices.

We also support the import of external transactions, such as bank deposits, credit card charges, and utility payments. What’s more, Jazva’s intelligent matching capabilities can recognize these transactions, file them against the proper internal chart of accounts, and help you reconcile all your bank and credit card accounts.

In Jazva, you can generate custom reports to monitor cashflow, sales, products, channels and customers. Your dashboard conveniently gives you an accurate view of money going in and out of your business, so you can spend more time interpreting data, rather than manipulating it.

Get a snapshot of your sales performance and compare your total sales against your actual profits. The sales report also allows you to compare performance data by categories, marketing campaigns, specific time periods and more.

Jazva Accounting Report Financial Sales Report in Jazva

Save Time and Money on Quotes and Invoicing

Sending quotes and invoices is as easy as placing orders in Jazva. Whenever you place an order or add inventory items, Jazva will recognize that item from your internal product database. Line items can easily be added or removed, and quotes converted into orders.

This cuts down on manual data entry and speeds up the quoting and invoicing process, all the while tracking your inventory sales and purchases.

Why Have Everything in One Place?

Jazva’s integrated accounting feature offers speed and flexibility to manage finances for all your sales channels in one place. By having everything in one place, you can reduce errors and get accurate financial data, which is vital for planning business growth.

No need for external platforms like Quickbooks or Xero. Additional software not only requires more data manipulation on your part to integrate data from various sources, but it also drains your resources.

With Jazva, you can see your actual profit with a detailed summary. By having a centralized chart of accounts, our platform will outline all financial transactions related to your orders, inventory and expenses, including total sales, cost of goods sold, taxes, shipping fees, discounts and more.

Paired with our intelligent forecasting and analytics capabilities, you can get a big picture of your entire business and harness the power of accurate financial data, which includes revenue, expenses, overheads, inventory, sales figures and profit. This enables you to visualize your business instead of reading through endless tables of figures.

As a true, all-in-one ecommerce platform, Java offers the core functionalities you need to run your entire ecommerce business. Our financial management solutions are built into the platform, so you can start recording financials once you start using the system.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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