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Customer Success Story: AJP Distributors

Auto parts retailer AJP Distributors (AJDM) has been selling aftermarket performance parts and accessories for nearly a decade. They sell more than 7,000 SKUs through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and orders are fulfilled through their 20,000 sq ft distribution warehouse in California, as well as through dropshippers.

AJDM had been managing listings and orders with a free software provided by eBay, but that software was being discontinued. Their daily order volume was also growing, and managing order fulfillment and inventory through spreadsheets became too cumbersome. The team decided it was time to automate all their back-end operations and find a more comprehensive software.

In searching for a new solution to handle listings, inventory and order fulfillment, they considered a number of software providers, including Channel Advisor, SkuVault, and Six-bit. They evaluated software based on cost versus functionality, and determined that these providers were either too expensive or didn't meet all their business requirements.

UPS recommended Jazva as a highly customizable, yet ready-to-go and cost-effective ecommerce solution that handled product listings, order fulfillment and inventory management. AJDM started using Jazva in 2014, which resulted in the company processing 50% more orders with the same number of employees. ADJM saw enormous productivity gain as they scaled their business.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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