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How Jazva’s Latest Amazon & WooCommerce Updates Will Save You Time

Seller efficiency is at the heart of Jazva. We are committed in streamlining your daily operations, so you can manage your ecommerce business effectively and drive more sales. Over the last month, we've developed additional flexibility in the system and added deeper integrations with Amazon and WooCommerce.

Amazon Integrations: FBA Transfer Labels & Prep Tasks

When it comes to transferring shipment to the FBA warehouse, poor communication between the seller and the Amazon fulfillment staff can lead to many problems. Jazva's new API integration will let Amazon specify which item prep tasks are needed for your shipment. Prep tasks include labeling, taping, bubble wrapping and other special instructions. You can then assign these tasks to yourself or to Amazon.

WooCommerce Integrations: Categories

WooCommerce categories can now be created, imported and managed within Jazva. A product category allows you to group and classify your items based on shared characteristics. This lets you edit and list products in bulk and organize them more efficiently without juggling between systems.

Jazva Enhancements

Automatic Variation Image Chooser for Amazon Listings: Start publishing listings faster on Amazon with Jazva's smart image chooser. If your product has a number of variations without images, Jazva can automatically select an image from another variation based on similar attributes. The smart image chooser saves you time so you wouldn’t have to upload the same images repeatedly. It's especially useful when publishing on Amazon, which has strict image requirements. This also ensures that your variation listings will not have missing images.

PO & ASN Improvements: Jazva supports multiple levels of inventory purchasing, from sending purchase orders directly from the system, to fully automating inventory reordering based on calculated projections. Jazva's import option has been updated to distinguish standard Purchase Orders (POs) from Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs). ASNs are records of expected shipment that have no bearing on your financials or payables. This allows you to keep track of incoming shipments or samples that are different from POs.

Coming Soon: Seller Fulfilled Prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is coming to Jazva. This lets sellers fulfill orders with the same benefits of Amazon Prime, namely, branding their product listings as eligible for Prime’s two-day delivery service.

Amazon Prime subscribers spend an average of $1200 annually with Amazon, compared to $700 for those without Prime. By making your products Prime-eligible, your sales are likely to increase dramatically.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

Albert Ong is the marketing manager at Jazva, an all-in-one ecommerce platform for multi-channel sellers. When not leading content strategy, Albert spends his time listening to audiobooks, writing science fiction, and binge-watching Netflix.