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Amazon's New Refund Policy, FedEx Surcharges and eBay's New Programs

Changes happen fast in the realm of ecommerce. Marketplaces and shipping carriers struggle to compete for market share as shopper demands continue to rise. Sellers must be well aware of these changes and adjust, especially since technology and platforms can often affect their retail operations directly.

Amazon’s New Refunds Policy Infuriate Many Sellers

Many Amazon sellers are revolting against Amazon’s new refund policy, which mainly affects third-party sellers that do not use FBA. Starting October 2, buyers will no longer need to contact sellers before sending an item back. This means that the seller will not have the opportunity to assist customers before having to issue a refund.    via CNBC

FedEx Won’t Be Charging Extra for Peak-Season Holiday Deliveries

In direct contrast to UPS, FedEx has decided to waive holiday surcharges for residential deliveries. FedEx will levy increased charges only for oversized packages ($25 fee), unauthorized ($300), and packages requiring additional handling ($3). Details of the surcharges can be found here: FedEx Rates 2017.    via LA Times

eBay to Launch Guaranteed Delivery This Fall

Seeking to compete against Amazon Prime and Walmart, eBay is launching a new program that lets their sellers provide a guaranteed delivery timeframe for their shoppers. Qualified sellers will be able to opt into the program and select either a handling time option or a door-to-door option. For more information, visit eBay Guaranteed Delivery.    via MultiChannel Merchant

eBay to Launch Image-Driven Product Search and Discovery Tools This Fall

Find it On eBay and Image Search are two new features that let shoppers on eBay discover products, similar to a social media platform. Find it On eBay lets mobile users share images from any website or social platform, and eBay will find listings related to that image. With Image Search, shoppers can upload any photo onto eBay, and listings will show up based on that image.   via eBay

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Albert Ong

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