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New Amazon Integrations and Smarter Tools to Improve Your Sales

At Jazva, we constantly strive to maximize your efficiency and optimize your selling potential. Over the last few weeks, we’ve added several exciting new features and functionality improvements, including deeper Amazon integrations and tools to better organize your products across all your channels.

New Features

Web Store Product Relationships: 
What’s a web store that doesn’t suggest related products? Jazva's enhanced web store functionality lets you design better shopping experiences for your customers. If you currently use Jazva’s professionally designed web stores, your products can now be tied to product groups. Product groups allow you to upsell, match or suggest related items and add-on options. Simply link products and build relationships in Jazva to optimize your sales potential. When your customer views a linked item, Jazva will automatically suggest related items on the product's page. Similarly, items with add-on relationships give your customers the option to create their own bundle.

Smarter Merging Tools: Jazva offers new ways to review, merge and link similar items in your product database or basket. This lets you identify duplicate listings across your channels, so you can maintain accurate inventory records. What’s more, instead of matching products only based on SKU, we've expanded your ability to search and match products through the use of patterns. Patterns can be a combination of SKU, VID, UPC and Quantity. By recognizing patterns, you can easily create new bundles and kits.

Amazon Integrations

Fulfillment Latency Support:
Fulfillment Latency (also known as handling time or lead time to ship) is the number of business days between the order date on Amazon and when you actually ship it. The default merchant fulfillment latency is 1 to 2 business days, but Jazva now gives you the option to set any number of days between 1 and 30 to allow more lead time for shipping. This lets Amazon and your customers know exactly how many days it will take before the order will be shipped. This is especially useful if you use dropshipping, which may take a few more days to fulfill once an order is received.

FBA Shipment Transport Types: FBA freight options have been expanded to match options on Amazon. When you send stock to Amazon for fulfillment, you can now choose the transport type that best suits your operational needs, whether in small parcels or pallets.

Jazva Enhancements

Importing Inventory Locations:
Managing orders and stock levels has become more complex and challenging in this age of shared marketplaces. You need a flexible inventory management system that offers multiple ways of reconciling inventory. If counting inventory is too time consuming, or if you already have a file of your current inventory counts, Jazva offers an alternative way of updating your product locations. By uploading a simple spreadsheet, you can update stock quantities in your warehouse locations and easily reconcile inventory in Jazva.

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Albert Ong

Albert Ong

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